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Fall 2017 Meeting Schedule

Music Critics and Composers (11AM-12:30PM)

Beverly Jerold (Princeton, NJ) “Beethoven Reception as Affected by Performance”

Bruce MacIntyre (Brooklyn College) - “Debussy as Critic:  Crystal Ball for the 20th Century?”

Sasha Metcalf (Brooklyn Academy of Music) - "How Critic Robert Brustein Positioned Philip Glass as the Future of American Theater"

Lunch (12:30-1:00)

Keynote Address (1:00-1:30)

David Hurwitz ( "“Acidy” Cassidy and the Birth of the Modern Record Review: 1942-1950"

Music Criticism and Fascism (1:45-2:45)

Luca Lévi Sala (New York University) "Cultural Purification: Musical Autarchy and Antisemitism in Italian Music Criticism of the 1930s"

Karen Uslin (Rowan University) - "Critiques Under the Gallows: The Music Criticisms of Viktor Ullmann"

Evolution of Twentieth-Century Music Criticism (3PM-4:30PM)

Jonathan Waxman (Hofstra University) -  "Music Critics as Program Note Annotators for Early Twentieth-Century American Orchestra"

Georg Burgstaller (RILM) - "Damages: Heinrich Schenker's Reception as a Key to His Views on Music Criticism"

Solomon Guhl-Miller (Rutgers University) - "How we got out of Critical Music Criticism and Why We Should Get Back into it"

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