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Winter Meeting--Opera

The winter meeting will take place on Saturday, February 16th, at the Metropolitan Opera Guild's Opera Learning Center at 70 Lincoln Center Plaza, 6th floor.  For directions, go to

I.    Early Opera 11-Noon
Barbara Hanning
Powerless Spirit: Echo on the Musical Stage of the Late Renaissance
Michele Cabrini
'We Gotta Get out of This Place': Dramatic Pacing and Trapped Characters in Gluck’s Telemaco
II.  Wagner 12:15-1:15
Victoria Aschheim
A Poet Writing Music in “Richard Wagner and Tannhäuser in Paris”

Ji Yeon Lee
Critical Reflections on Robert Lepage’s Staging of Wagner’s Ring Cycle At the Metropolitan Opera
III.  Panel Discussion on Opera Education  1:30-3:00
Panelists: Robert Butts, John Dunlap, Michael Griffel, Karen Hiles, Stuart Holt, David Hurwitz, Jennifer Ludlow, Robert Waters
Respondent: Jeff Dailey
IV.  Opera and the "Other" 3:15-5:15

Jennifer CHJ Wilson

The New Tenor in the New World: Opera glasses, Ear trumpets, and “la voix de poitrine”
Robert Waters
Envoicing the Other in Indianist Opera: Separation and Assimilation in Victor Herbert’s Natoma
Robert Butts
Rigoletto and Otello: The Anguish and Tragedy in the Self-Belief in Being Different
Catherine Ludlow
The Imp, the Harem, and Dukas's Barbe-bleue

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