AMSGNY Meetings

Winter 2018 Meeting Schedule

Location: Columbia University Department of Music (Dodge Hall)
Date: January 27, 2018

Lynette Bowring (Rutgers University): Musicking or Musical Work? The Passamezzo from Improvised Formula to Composition

Liu Ye (Columnist for the Chinese Monthly Musical Instrument): The Piano Art in China since the Cultural Revolution (1966-76) and the Beginning of the “Reform and Open Policy”

Luca Levi Sala (New York University): Muzio Clementi’s Output Beyond England: Dissemination, Issues of Authenticity and Textual Problems in Vienna (1787-1799)


Panel: Music and Leadership

Danielle Bastone (Music in Gotham): The Sublimity of Dussek's Suffering Queen of France

Heather Platt (Ball State University): “A Novel Affair”:  The Establishment of Lieder Recitals in 19th Century America

Reuben Phillips (Princeton University): Brahms as Reader: Examining the Young Kreisler’s Treasure Chest

Jon Churchill (Duke University): A Second Battlefield: Semantic Exchange in Vaughan Williams’s London and Pastoral Symphonies

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