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2014 Winter Meeting--Saturday, January 25th

The winter meeting will take place on January 25th at Columbia University.  

 It will be held in room 622 Dodge, which can be found by looking at this map:

You will need to enter from College Walk, up the steps, to the left, into the main door of Dodge, which is actually on the third floor above campus level.

12-2  Session I

Lynette Bowring (Rutgers) “The coming over of the works of the great Corelli:” The influence of Italian violin repertoire in London, 1675–1705

Edward Klorman (Juilliard) "The String Quartet Before the Concert Hall: Did the Players Rehearse?"

William Hettrick (Hofstra University): “Movin’ On Up”: The Great Migration of Piano Manufacturers and Dealers to Harlem and the Bronx, New York, in the Period 1880–1930

Heather Platt (Ball State University) “No, Dear Readers, Brahms is Not Married”:  Brahms and his Mädchen

2:15-3:15  Panel Discussion
The Humanities in Crisis

3:30-5:30  Session II
John Graziano (CUNY Grad Center) Richard Wagner, Theodore Thomas, and the American Centennial March

Jordan Stokes (CUNY Grad Center): Trollflöjten/Zauberflöte/Magic Flute: Cinematic Variations on a Theme by Mozart

Reba Wissner (Montclair State University) Music for Murder, Machines, and Monsters: "Moat Farm Murder,” The Twilight Zone, and the CBS Stock Music Library

Paul Christiansen (University of Southern Maine) How the 1972 Ad “Nixon Now” Changed Political Advertising by Adopting the  “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing”: Musical Style of a Coca-Cola Commercial

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